Third Blog Post

I took and/or am finishing 18 credits worth of classes I started in the Spring (for 3 credits on an incomplete). For those unaware, 12 credits is generally considered full-time for Spring and Fall semesters. For Summer semester often around 8 credits is considered full-time. This is by any definition, an extraordinary load of work […]

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What I’m suffering from this week is a technical glitch. I logged onto one of my classes earlier this week to find it devoid of all life, nothing at all present in the slightest. Today I logged on again just for one last check and… it was all there. Every bit of it! I was […]

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My First Blog Post!

Today was super stressful. My wife recently came back from a 6 month deployment. She’s Active Duty in the United States Navy, just like I used to be. I was a “Master-At-Arms” Military Policeman and Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Specialist. Those are a lot of fancy words to say that I spent most my time making sure […]

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